The Food Supply Chain (FSC) Guaranteed Loan Program addresses food supply chain capacity and resiliency for food aggregation, processing, manufacturing, storage, transportation, wholesaling and distribution. The program guarantees loans of up to $40M with no geographical restrictions. Eligible projects include:

  • Purchase and development of land, buildings, or infrastructure.
  • Purchase of machinery and equipment including but not limited to manufacturing systems, information technology systems, and commercially available new technologies that promote worker safety or food safety.
  • Startup costs, working capital, inventory, and supplies in the form of a permanent working capital term loan.
  • Refinancing (no more than 50 percent of the funds of a loan may be used to refinance existing debt, subject to conditions).
  • Cooperative stock, the purchase of stock in a business by employees forming an Employee Stock Ownership Plan or worker cooperative, and loans to a fund that invests primarily in cooperatives.
  • New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC).

USDA’s New Food Supply Chain Guaranteed Loan Program: What to Know About Eligibility Requirements

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