Why Do Referral Sources Partner With Us?

Commitment to Unwavering Transparency

West Town Bank & Trust provides a dedicated banker and loan processing representative from a nationally recognized Lender Service Provider (LSP) to create streamlined communication channels all the way from pre-qualification to funding.

Experienced SBA & USDA Lending Teams

Since 2012, the Government Guaranteed Lending team at West Town Bank & Trust has closed and funded over 500 SBA and USDA loans in excess of $1.1 billion for 230+ industries located in more than 40 states (including D.C. and Guam).

Seamless Loan Processing Solutions

West Town Bank & Trust business clients can take advantage of technology-enabled application, pre-qualification and loan closing software, resulting in highly efficient turn-times to funding and an overall borrower friendly experience.

Competitive Referral Compensation

West Town Bank & Trust offers industry-leading referral compensation to support strong and long lasting relationships with its partners (compensation may vary based on the quality of the financing package received).

Comprehensive Banking Solutions

Through access to a wide variety of banking solutions under one roof, including loans, deposits, insurance and payment processing, businesses have the opportunity to maximize convenience, decrease monthly service charges and improve cash flow predictability.

What Are Our Specialty Loan Programs?

Want To Learn More About Our Programs?

“It’s clear that West Town maintains exceptionally high standards when it comes to overall transparency throughout the entire lending process.  I can’t speak more highly of how much I appreciate their commitment to managing expectations and communicating freely, making me feel assured that someone will always be readily available to answer my questions all the way to the finish line.”

– Scott Sullivan, CEO of Meridian Capital Marketplace, LLC

SBA Lending Resources

“Partnering with West Town gives me the confidence that the government guaranteed lending process will be completed with 100% accuracy.  Their team has a unique ability to present creative financing ideas that can be hard to find elsewhere.  They have more than a decade of SBA and USDA lending experience, and I strongly recommend West Town when it comes to getting complex loans to the finish line.”

– Jon Kleven, Principal at Monarch Commercial Capital

SBA Lending Resources