“Working with West Town Bank was an incredible experience. They presented options other lenders didn’t, which really made me feel confident about the product we used and the decision to buy. The team was there keeping me updated throughout the process and have been a great resource when needed after closing. They couldn’t have handled things better and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

– Doug Yopp, Owner

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Unwavering Commitment to Transparency

We offer extremely competitive referral fees based on the loan amount while also adhering to the SBA’s guidelines and execution of the Form 159. We protect all of our strategic partners and enjoy developing relationships that allow us to interact freely with prospective borrowers and conduct our typical intake process for new transactions.

Experienced SBA & USDA Lending Teams

As one of the nation’s top government guaranteed lending institutions, we’ve delivered over $1 billion in financing to small businesses across hundreds of industries through both SBA and USDA programs supported by the U.S. Federal Government over the last decade.

Seamless Loan Processing Solutions

West Town has a history of strong and long lasting relationships with our partners. Our longevity is based on a commitment to compliance and efficiency, as well as the ability to scale through strategic relationships with a nationally recognized Loan Service Provider and technology-enabled loan processing solutions. We look for partners with a common goal of obtaining affordable financial solutions for their clients on reasonable terms and conditions, while growing their own business and profits.

Our Lending Programs

SBA Programs

Find small business loans to fulfill your long-term plans and cover your fixed costs.

SBA 7(a) Loan Program
Partially guarantees loans up to $5 million to eligible small businesses.

SBA 504 Loan Program
To help fund long-term, fixed-asset loans up to $5.5 million.

USDA Programs

Find government-backed funding for essential services, agriculture, and the energy industry.

USDA B&I Program
Helping rural communities create jobs and stimulate rural economies.

For renewable energy systems or to make energy efficiency improvements.

USDA CF Program
To help develop facilities that provide an essential service to its local rural community.

USDA FSA Programs
To help farmers and ranchers buy farmland or finance agricultural production.

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