SBA financing enables independent medical practice owners with funds to buy a private practice, buyout a partner, and invest in long term growth. Stay competitive as a private practice owner without compromising for your employees, your patients, and your goals.

The SBA financing programs were created with the health of American entrepreneurship in mind. Private practice owners face unprecedented challenges threatening the feasibility of owning their own medical practice. Mounting pressure to sell and consolidate medical practices leave remaining practice owners with an increasingly challenging landscape for sustaining business growth. SBA loans for private practice owners offer an alternative to accessing resources that allows for retention of ownership, fully amortizing terms, and loan amounts of up to $5Million guaranteed by the Small Business Administration.

Guide to SBA Loan Terms for Acquisitions and Partner Buyouts

West Town Bank & Trust is a dedicated partner to independent physicians nationwide. Based in Raleigh, NC, our SBA Financing Team for Independent Physicians works closely with private practice owners to tailor financing solutions to their specific needs.

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