An SBA 7(a) loan to buy a business for sale can give you the resources and flexibility to acquire a business and grow at your pace. The loan program makes up to $5,000,000 in SBA-backed financing accessible for your next acquisition. Learn more about leveraging an SBA 7(a) loan to buy a business and pre-qualify today.

Benefits of SBA Loans for Business Acquisition Financing.

SBA loans come with reasonable, growth-friendly terms that make them a good working capital loan option for those that qualify.

  • Up to $5 Million in SBA-backed financing with terms of 10 years (or more).
  • Good for collateral-light service-based businesses because of the loan program’s unique eligibility requirements.
  • Closing costs can be folded in to the loan amount, meaning less cash required at the closing.

More Information on SBA Loans to Buy a Business

West Town Bank & Trust is committed to providing our clients with the knowledge and support they need to make the best decision for their business. Have questions about SBA loan programs? Use the form below to get in touch with a banker and walk through your options.


How to Use an SBA Loan to Buy a Business

The Small Business Administration’s popular loan program offers long-term capital to buy a business while preserving cash flow long term. Since 2020, West Town Bank & Trust has financed nearly $50 million in business acquisition loans through its government-guaranteed loan programs. In this article, we’ve outlined why SBA loans are a great resource for buying a business and how our clients have leveraged them to conserve cash flow.

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The SBA Loan Process

How to Prepare for the SBA Loan Application Process

The benefits of the SBA loan program for entrepreneurs buying a business are made possible by the detailed SBA loan application and pre-approval process. It’s a time-intensive process, but for those prepared to go through the application, the payoffs could be well worth the time that’s invested. Learn more about what the SBA loan application entails and how to prepare for the process.

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Buying a Business for Sale

Where to Find Businesses for Sale

Buying a book of business for sale can help you start or scale your operations relatively quickly compared to starting from the ground up. This article covers recommend practices for how to find a business for sale, how to understand its price, and how to finance a business acquisition with SBA 7(a) loans.

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SBA 7(a) Loan Terms

Get the specifics on SBA loans and their terms for qualified business owners.

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