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Most banks won’t bank hemp-related businesses. At West Town Bank & Trust, we don’t just bank hemp, we embrace it. We’ve built a hemp program uniquely tailored to the challenges of hemp-related businesses. We provide a full suite of commercial banking services and we’re experts on the rules and regulations, so you feel unquestionably safe and secure banking with us.

Simply put, hemp-related businesses bank at West Town Bank & Trust because we know hemp.

Why bank with us?

  • Hemp Banks Here™ because our technology platform assures data-driven accuracy and is cutting edge in the hemp space. It’s at the heart of our compliance program and regulatory expertise.
  • Hemp Banks Here™ because we’ve conducted site visits and industry research, as well as attended webinars, seminars, and key conferences. We never stop learning because industry regulations are constantly changing.
  • Hemp Banks Here™ because we pride ourselves on our high-level partnership, unparalleled flexibility, and personal, high-touch banking experience. We truly go above and beyond the call and we love doing it.
  • Hemp Banks Here™ because we’re not just bankers, we’re entrepreneurs. We’re creative thinkers and tireless problem-solvers who have done our research and know the hemp business inside and out.

If you’re in a hemp-related business, you know there are challenges. At West Town Bank & Trust, we have solutions, so you can feel safe and secure when you bank with us.

Hemp-Related Fundamental Business Requirements:
  • Internal Controls – Ability to demonstrate proper department separation and controls (i.e. checks and balances).
  • Relevant Documentation – Audited financials performed by a CPA firm or controller (if available) or other relevant documentation (i.e. proformas, business plans, tax returns, etc.).
  • Industry Knowledge – Understanding of regulatory requirements, applicable laws and operational risks.
  • Safety & Security – Appropriate plans in place and easy access for employees.
  • General Best Practices – Follows all applicable State and Federal laws.


Hemp-Related Fundamental Banking Requirements:
  • Compliance-Focused – Thoughtfully designed internal policies and procedures.
  • Testing, Testing, Testing – Be prepared to share testing procedures, as well as testing samples on a regular basis.
  • Disposal Procedures – Remediation procedures are clearly defined and have been tested.
  • No MRB Connection – Proof of completely separate ownership and no operational ties to marijuana-related businesses (MRBs).
  • General Best Practices – Be organized and prepared to discuss all of the above with a banker!


To start the process of becoming your banking partner, please visit VeriLeaf

You’ll be redirected to a safe and secure, easy-to-use portal managed by our partners at VeriLeaf who assist with initial pre-approval. Create a profile, answer the questions, and sit back and hold tight, someone from our team will reach out within 24 hours regarding next steps.

“Being from an organization that represents a variety of stakeholders trying to build a thriving hemp industry, I’ve had countless conversations with cultivators, processors, extractors and retailers in North Carolina, and many are experiencing the same challenges when it comes to banking. I have had the opportunity to get to know Melissa with West Town Bank and am pleased to learn she is one of the few banks wanting to help solve these challenges for our members. We look for partners that understand collaboration is critical for the industry to reach its full growth potential and we couldn’t be happier to find banks that embrace this same core value.”
– Blake Butler, Executive Director of the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association
“It’s refreshing to find a banker who shares my passion for the hemp industry, its products and its people. As someone who provides advice on Federal, state and local regulatory compliance matters to hemp-related businesses, I see the challenges these companies face every day, and more often than not, each unique situation requires a unique approach to solving these challenges. Melissa and her team understand this concept and they consistently do their research to fully grasp the specific banking needs for each hemp-related customer they engage, helping build trustworthy and long-term banking relationships.”
– Tyler J. Russell, Attorney at Ward and Smith, P.A.”

Got questions? Let’s talk.


Email – Melissa Marsal at [email protected] | Phone – 877-BNK-HEMP
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