This is our story...


Since 1922, West Town Bank & Trust has proudly employed the same strong core principles.  Our “Old Fashioned Values" are simple. Provide unequalled, progressive customer service and products in a sound, cost-effective way.

We are pleased that we can clearly demonstrate that healthy, profitable results are still attainable in today's economy. Our mission is to use this same foundation to help you achieve your personal financial goals.

West Town Bank & Trust is now the innovative  partnership between two resilient banks.  In 2009 West Town Bank & Trust partnered with Albemarle Bank & Trust. This relationship has enable both West Town Bank & Trust and Albemarle Bank & Trust the ability to continue to grow and prosper.

Albemarle Bank & Trust, A West Town Bank,
Edenton and Winterville, North Carolina

In August of 2009, Albemarle Bank & Trust not only contributed a significant amount of capital to West Town Bank & Trust, but also a new, forward thinking management team. Eric J. Bergevin, President & CEO of the North Carolina de novo bank became the new President & CEO of West Town Bank & Trust. He brought with him a fresh approach and a thorough understanding of how to manage a community bank in today’s environment. He knows the Eastern North Carolina market and brought with him an experienced group of managers and lenders to add to the West Town Bank & Trust infrastructure. The combined senior management team that will lead both banks into the future is comprised of those that Mr. Bergevin recruited to help fulfill his vision for Albemarle Bank & Trust. Albemarle Bank & Trust, A West Town Bank, currently operates two Loan Production Offices, one in Edenton, NC and the other in Winterville, NC. In July, 2014, the Winterville, NC location also opened the first full service bank branch for West Town Bank & Trust (in the state of North Carolina.) Albemarle Bank & Trust will keep their local identity and operate as Albemarle Bank & Trust, A West Town Bank, and continue to serve the surrounding communities that are comprised of many of its many local shareholders.

And the story continues…

“What makes a structure like this work," according to Eric Bergevin, President & CEO, "is that there will be a tremendous amount of autonomy, keeping local management and local boards in place – experienced bankers as well as business and community leaders who understand their local markets far better than others could.”

Our customers can count on us to provide the highest level of service as well as the most technologically advanced banking products. Our deposit and loan customers will have the opportunity to interact with our senior management on a very personal level, and will often know members of our local Board of Directors and staff. Decisions regarding loans will be made locally—not by a loan committee thousands of miles away.

While the big banks focus primarily on larger customers, we're designed to meet the needs of individuals, families, and small businesses. As a community bank, we choose to invest in our home town by lending to area businesses. This fosters new jobs, makes home ownership a reality for many families and contributes to local economic growth. We're proud to help build and strengthen our neighborhoods in this way. 

Our bank is thriving rather than just surviving because we know that truly understanding the area in which we serve is a distinct advantage in today’s impersonal world.

We hope that your family will choose to partner with us so that you can experience what sets us apart.